“Why do you stay up all hours of the night?”
I reply, “because night is the time when I feel the least anxious”. My justification for staying up late.

Being just that also makes it feel safe to finally face my disorder. I can complete exercises from the Fulton State DBT Workbook in conjunction with /r/dbtselfhelp.

If you’d like to watch, be my guest. If not, whatevs.

Lesson 1, Exercise 1

A. Identify a time this week when you DID NOT think or act dialectically.
*Briefly describe the situation (Who, what, when)
*How did you think or act in this situation?
*Are you using unhelpful thinking? What were they?
*What is another dialectic belief about the situation?
*What was the outcome?

One morning, I became annoyed because I thought no one helps with chores around the house. I wanted a clean glass but felt too tired to wash the dishes again, which I’ve done more often than not since we moved here.
I said to myself, “Of course, because no one ever helps me around here”.
This thinking was indeed unhelpful, because I am helped with chores sometimes.
The other people in this house do help when they are motivated. Lately they work a lot and may be preoccupied with other thoughts.
I recognized that I was simply irritable, and that I could ask for some help if I need it.

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